Let’s talk Levo!

With all this buzz about finally breaking the glass ceiling, furthering the progression of women in the professional world and initiating women in the tech world it was only a matter of time before I gave you my two cents. 

I have never seen myself as a feminist, mainly because of the way feminism has been portrayed. RAW! RAW! WOMEN! Growing up, I never saw feminism in a positive or an encouraging light. It was this negative, over-zealous, complaint campaign; angry faces spitting out angry words and somehow conveying a notion of Anti-Man. And let’s be honest…me and Anti-Man? Yeah, Okay. ;)

This post is not about me but rather a couple of very intelligent, gorgeous, and passionate chicks who took it upon themselves to change the way the #womenhelpingwomen campaign is seen. It’s not an aggressively whiny campaign to fight for the rights of women in Corporate America but rather a very fresh, modern and unique forum that enables women to find their dream job. The ‘dream job’ part, I’ll admit sounded a little corny and romantic to me…but let’s face it, men have dream jobs and ambition to pursue them so why the hell can’t women? At least we’re honest and candid about it! 

Amanda Puchout & Caroline Ghosn have created the Levo League and I am in love! It’s not just another social network; it’s an experience! One that has a very modern, chic and sexy vibe. I am very impressed with the design, UI and layout of the site. I think it’ll do wonders when it comes to keeping the users focused and retaining them for the long-run. The site provides users with the ability to build a professional profile, ample resources (everything from articles, to videos, to live web chats, to resume hosting, to networking and beyond), advise on every aspect of a woman’s life, but most importantly a launch-pad for Gen Y women. 

One of the things I value most about this initiative is the fact that it helps women define themselves not by their gender but their skills & abilities. It’s a movement that emphasizes the importance of building yourself up as competent do-er. I’m hoping this will stir up a lot of conversation around the fact that women don’t always support other women (a lot of times, for absolutely ridiculous reasons) and the fact that women are afraid of successful women. But at the same time I hope this allows for the recognition of men that have helped the progression of women in their industries; not out of pity but because they have been able to understand their talents, strengths & skill sets. 

I clearly have big dreams for LL and its community. I am certain that it will do big things and I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of it! 

Recruiters, take advantage of the Levo platform and sign your company up. It’s a great portal that gives you a pool of exceptional women that are involved in industries across the globe. 

Please show the ladies some #levolove. Sign up is open to all!