An (Half) Office Hour with Fran Hauser

Today’s Levo League Office Hour guest was Fran Hauser. Ms Hauser is the President of Digital for Time Inc.’s Style & Entertainment and Lifestyle groups. During the conversation she spoke about her career progression and then proceeded to take questions. And of course, I asked a question!

Question: What is the most important quality that you have that has contributed to your success?

(you can watch her response in the video above)

Ms Hauser attributes her success to “relational intelligence.” Commenting on the fact that she has the ability to build and nurture professional relationships. She goes on to say that she understands the importance of recognizing what motivates and stimulates team members. This isn’t the first time I have heard of someone stressing the importance of fostering relationships beyond just a virtual network. In reference to Linked In connections, it’s important to find the people who will add value to your career and moral progression and then build upon those connections. What I found really interesting was the fact that she made it a point to state that any evaluations and 360s she’s received have specifically recognized her relational intelligence. So, Ms Hauser has taken it upon herself to develop her strength and then use it to help her advance her career—-empowering! 

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